For those seeking assistance: TriCAN and our member organizations provide a wide range of services and support for people in need. Not all member organizations provide the same services, however TriCAN provides a central agency to assist in directing those in need to the proper member organization.

Types of assistance provided to those in need:

  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Emergency Food
  • Access to Food Pantry Commodity & Non-Commodity Food
  • Access to Senior Oriented Food Programs
  • Access to Clothing, Coats, Blankets, Baby Needs, Furniture
  • Access to Eye Glasses
  • Access to Fuel Vouchers
  • Rent & Utilities Assistance
  • Homeless Shelter Access

For our member organizations: we provide coordination and cooperation to decrease abuse of our services through the utilization of the TriCAN Card and online database. We work to assist your organization in providing the maximum amount of assistance to the most number of people in need.